Jul 12, 2012

Running Man News (as copied)

Last week, when contacting Running Man’s crew, they were very shocked to hear that Singapore’s Chinese newspaper (Lian He Zhao Bao) wanted to interview them. He even doubt it. When our reporter told him that Running Man is very popular in Singapore, he commented that he was very shocked and he was glad to know that Singaporeans loved this variety show. Hence, Singapore’s reporter went to Korea for 6 days. They went to SBS building to interview their producer and two of their VJs. Running Man’s producer PD Jo has produced “X-man” and other popular variety show. He is also being known as one of the better PD. PD Jo said “When the programme first started airing 2 years ago, the rating was less than 10% and a lot of citizens criticised it. However, due to Yoo Jaesuk, the other members and the crews’ encouragement, we were able to pull through.” PD Jo also said “I think Running Man is popular not only in Korea but in other countries is because of the bond between the Running Man casts and the crews, if the casts and the crews does not have such bond, the programme might not be able to last till now.”
When Running Man first aired, the rating was very low and many citizens scolded PD Jo. He remembered there was this citizens who said “Inviting Korean’s most famous MC Yoo Jaesuk and be able to make this show so lousy is not easy too.” PD Jo said “At that time, Jaesuk oppa drank with me to encourage me, after going through this hardship, we became closer, and we are like one family now.”
PD Jo introduced the other 2 producers. He said that the production team and the editing team will hold an ‘idea’ meeting every week to discuss about new game ideas. Sometimes, they will also think of the guests while planning the games. For example, in the recent episode, Running Man invited Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung, hence they had a “Superpower Soccer” at a soccer field.
PD Jo highlighted that about the issue of keeping a secret. All the casts and crew members does not know the theme beforehand, this way, the filming will be more interesting and real. Hence, the production team does not let the casts participate in their meeting. To keep it a secret, when a cast suggested a good idea, the idea will be use after 6 months, when he/she forgot about that idea.
As for the idea of tearing of nametags, PD Jo said “When we were young, we used to play hide-and-seek and we would use our hand to grab other people’s hand or hit their shoulders. We decided to use the tearing of nametags to let the audience know what is really going on.”
Running Man usually filmed at public places such as Departmental Stores, Museum, Arts Theatre, and National Library. When the reporter asked will the production team have any difficulty in trying to gain permission, PD Jo replied “Usually, Korea’s Museum or National Library have their day off during Monday, and coincidentally, Running Man usually films on Monday, so it is easier for them to arrange. Also, ever since Running Man became popular, many companies contacted the crews as they want to promote their buildings.”
When running alongside with the casts, the VJs are Running Man’s true supporting pillars. Two of the VJs (Jaesuk’s and Jihyo’s) are being interviewed. They commented that even though the filming process is very tiring, the overall atmosphere is good, which gives them a sense of achievement and happiness.
Yoo Jaesuk’s VJ , Kwon Ryul said “The VJs and the casts have to be involved in the game, the casts should not be found because of the VJs. Hence, no matter how cramp the hiding place is, the VJs have to hide in order to film their respective casts which can be quite challenging. However, the audience would encourage me in Twitter and I would want to strive to work harder.”
Jihyo’s VJ also commented “Because of the hot weather these days, stamina poses a huge problem and because the VJs have to run with a cast and hide, it can be really tiring. This is especially so when filming Kim JongKook, who has such a good stamina.”
The reporter then asks around how many cameras are needed to film Running Man. Jihyo’s VJ then replied “Every time we will have around 11 VJs, so at the very least we will have 40 cameras, the most will be around 70 to 80. This is to ensure that all kinds of angles are being captured by the cameras.
The reporter then asked about fans wanting to invite Yoon EunHye on Running Man. PD Jo was shocked when he said “Wow, bravo! This scandal was from X-Man, so how did Singapore fans know about it? There are many fans who wanted EunHye to appear in Running Man. If she is willing to come, we are glad to welcome her.”
When asked if Running Man will come to Singapore to film, PD Jo replied “We have 120 people, which includes the crews and the casts. If we want to film overseas, it will cost at least 200 million Korean Won. Just recently, Running Man have been to Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong which are all Asian countries, if the circumstances allows, they might really consider to film in Singapore and they hope that Singapore fans will welcome them.
Running Man first aired in 11 July 2010 and today will be their 2nd year anniversary. Running Man is still a hot topic nowadays. One of the good points in Running Man is that it introduces new games such as “The hanger game” and “The moving photo frame”. They also invent different version of Hide-and-Seek.
The casts and guests are also daring when playing games. Hence, the crews are then able to come out more interesting games such as to test their limits in diving, or the casts have to conquer their fear of heights. The punishments for Running Man are also interesting and funny. The bell hide-and-seek is the highlight in Running Man. Even though it has been played many times, the crews are still able to invent different version, hence enhancing Running Man. For example, there will be spies in each team, and they have to do different kinds of mission or the guests will have special power. They will also decide the sizes of the nametags by playing other games. The casts have to unify or betray each other, hence making it more interesting.
Humorous and lively MCs also added colours to Running Man. Being known as the nation MC; Yoo Jaesuk is the main pillar of Running Man. He’s being loved by many due to his humorous and nice character. The other 6 main casts, Ji SukJin, Kim JongKook, Ha Dong Hoon (Haha), Kang Gary, Song JiHyo and Lee GwangSoo also have their own unique styles. They have excellent bond between them and they would tease each other which create sparks, which is the reason why there are many audiences who keeps watching Running Man.
One of the reasons for Running Man to be this popular is also because of the “Superstars effect”. Running Man have invited many Hallyu stars which includes Lee Hyori, SNSD, T-ara, Se7en, Miss A, etc. Running Man also showed the natural side of these idols. For example, Big Bang used to sit inside a helicopter and the casts went to Nickhun’s (2PM) Thailand house, which attracted many viewers.
One of the admin in RunningManCast was being interviewed. RunningManCast have created different social path such as Twitter, Facebook and Blog to share Running Man’s newest information to the other parts of the world. RunningManCast has a total of 11k’s followers, which include one of the producers of Running Man.
Translated by Admin Jolene
Source, Lian He Zhao Bao. http://epaper.zaobao.com.sg/fvx/fvxp/fvxpress.php?param=

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