Jul 19, 2012

Job Vacancy @ INSTeG. Apply Now!!

Job vacancy  and work offer are hard to come by these days. Lots of it going to the preparation of the upcoming PR I guess. Not really senseless when you think of how suddenly we are one very wealthy country going all out donating here and there. Ha, now I see why some people ask if I'm "Oren" or still "Merah". I just have been reading too much novels with conspiracy coiling in every corner. Thank God it will be Ramadhan soon; I can spend as much money on books as I want. Yeay!!

Anyway, INSTeG (Institut Sains dan Teknologi Geospatial) needs some people; a secretary, and a couple of Research Assistants. Gaji minimum RM1500. Not much..I know..but if you are a student here in UTM, with low price-ceiling on food, low room rent, low fuel consumption, no electrical and water bills to be paid, add that with MyBrain and whatever scholarship you have, you are one wealthy student. You just have to show up 8am-5pm every workdays and we have fast internet connection here.

Spread the word, do me some favour, send your resume to mazlanhashim@utm.my and dont forget to cc to ainmesri@gmail.com (just in case he forgot to check his mail).

Thank you.

Nota: RA applicants with intention untuk sambung Master sangat dialu-alukan.

Nota2: PA work will start (hopefully) on 1st August 2012.

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