May 31, 2012

Fringe Case #1

Miami Police Shocked by Face-Mauling Attack on Man

30th May 2012 - A naked man was seen literally eating a man's face in broad daylight near a busy causeway. Rudy Eugene was said to "pulls Poppo from the shade, strips off his pants and pummels him," (AP, 2012). He paid no notice to people who told him to get off the poor man and growled at a police officer who tried to stop him from 'finishing' his 'breakfast' and continued to chew away. The police then shot him to death.

"He had his face eaten down to his goatee. The forehead was just bone; no nose, no mouth," said Sgt Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. (The Star, 31st May 2012)

"The guy was, like, tearing him to pieces with his mouth...The guy just keep eating the other guy away, like ripping his skin," told one of the cyclist who happen to see the incident.

Somehow I was reminded of all the gory scenes in Fringe; like the one when the victims neck were being torn away at the back.

Eugene was said to be charged a few times with marijuana-related charges with the most recent was in 2009. His uncle said he was a nice and hardworking man. Maybe he got experimented with some secret government project, huh.

Does Fringe Division really exist in real life? Should start to have one now. lol

May 23, 2012

It Was Not a Good Day

Life can be very 'suck'-ish at times such as today. There are two approaches to face such a day; 1) think of all the less fortunate. I mean, life has been very very very generous to me compared to many people (or so I believe), 2) count the little blessings that make Earth a little bit more beautiful planet to live on; such as replaying that second when 'Dark Daesung' walk in and look at me..and keep stealing glances my way (ok, aku perasan sorg2, but seriously.) ^0^ His hair a little bit too curly and long though.

*shake head*

Ok, back to work now that my mood got slightly better.

May 19, 2012

Lines of the Day

“When living humbly, there’s often cases one becomes worn out, right? It’s great so many people live so humbly and with manners but I think there are times when one needs to be stubborn and live confidently.” -Gil of LeeSSang

"He protects himself by not  being himself." - Anonymous

May 18, 2012

Hard To Be Humble

LeeSSang is BACK with >> Hard To Be Humble.

I dont understand a word, but the kids are just AWESOME!

May 15, 2012

Judging the Judge

I do not expect people to agree with me. No. Even I change my mind on a regular basis because what is truth but a distorted opinion derived from one's perception? So with new knowledge / evidence, our opinion could change and perception evolved; I am not an exception.

But as a mere human, we tend to believe that we are right, our faith has the strongest base, our opinion matters and those who oppose us is wrong. Some blinded themselves from seeing from a new angle, some curiously look around to find holes and the pieces to complete the picture; some reject a new idea without giving it a thought, some just too ego, some adopt it into their previous idea, and some just totally turn around and took the other route.

It wasn't a walk in the park to constantly looking at a situation from other people point of view especially when we are consumed by anger. Yet, an angry man is a fooled man and those who act in anger is a condemned man. I know because I've blown out before too and I regret them.

Seeing the situation Malaysia is now, I say that we are one very angry society. Everywhere you read; Tweeter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, etc etc, people are voicing their discontentment, using vulgarities and harsh words against each other, unfounded rumours spread like fire and nobody really cares about values and respect anymore. It is as if we are an atheist society without guidelines in morality. Hate is blossoming everywhere..and what is worst, the kids has catch on.

I found it highly amusing to find some (many) people get angry over a joke meant to be natural. Well, I guess Malaysian are angered easily nowadays they dont bother to listen and think carefully before getting into 'abusive-word' mode. Everyone's nerve is running raw it seems. Some (many) people might not agree. Well, people have different opinion; black colour can means depression and sadness or if you are like me, it means mystery and elegance. You might have just been trolled, or you are right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Even a judge who made a wrong decision after he had tried his best to justly judge a case still get one merit(?) because at least he had tried to make the most just verdict. He is just a human, what do we expect?

Again, you may not agree with me.

Baby(i) Talk

Definition of baby talk:
1 the speech patterns and sounds of young children learning to talk, characterized by MISPRONUNCIATION, IMPERFECT SYNTAX, REPETITION and PHONETIC MODIFICATION such as lisping or stuttering. See also lallation. (EG: mamam (makan), cowi (sorry), cehat (sihat), bibi (baby, babi), appa (lapar), cenyum (senyum))

2 an adult's IMITATION of the speech of a young child WHEN TALKING TO A BABY, AN ELDERLY, OR MENTALLY CHALLENGED. (because apparently they can only cope with short phrases and repetition helps to better understanding)

3 the speech patterns characteristic of REGRESSIVE STAGES OF various MENTAL DISORDERS, ESPECIALLY SCHIZOPHRENIA.

May 14, 2012

Shifting Fears

I had a busy weekend but somehow still managed to spent hours in front of my laptop (re)watching Leverage for the n-th time. One particular line caught my attention and makes me go "SHIT!!"

" . . . I shifted their fears. . . . Now, they are no longer afraid of losing money, they are afraid of losing the chance to make more money. " - the bad guy episode nth, Season 2.

I was like, I should have watch this again last week. *facepalm*

Oh, btw, anyone interested in doing some Kung Fu Tai Chi Fan (did I even get that right??) can come to Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini. They got this free class held every Sunday morning (around 7.30 - 10.30). Understanding mandarin is a plus so you can understand the story behind every move, but if cannot also can, just follow the sifu. FYI, they are mostly auntie2. Well, youngsters are too busy dating or sleeping. Just joking. There's also aerobic held nearby if you prefer.

May 11, 2012


I love Calvin and Hobbes. This week's strip has got me smirking when Hobbes said to Calvin's need to buy a Hyperbubble; If your emotional security depends on satisfying a need you don't have until you read the ad, go ahead.

I guess adults and kids really is not that different.

May 7, 2012


I could understand why Daddy-Long-Legs gets so much love. Its originality strike me most and also how Judy's bluntness strike home and left me longing for my own Daddy-Long-Legs. It really is comfortable talking your mind off that way. I think everyone feels the same way. ^_^ How funny, there are more then 7 billion people on Earth, we are more (digitally) connected then ever, and still..