Jun 15, 2012

The Last Lecture

Because I have just finished Tuesday with Morrie, The Last Lecture doesn't really caught my attention. So I put it down after a few pages. The question is the same anyway, what if today is our very last day?

Death visit us 70 times a day.

There are tons of things that I HAVE to do. Unnecessary feelings aside, I'll try to do one at a time starting today. Or when I got the courage. >.<"

Jun 14, 2012


The candle has been burnt
Leaving nothing but hardening wax
And a black wick, lifeless
Darkness will set
Till the first bloom rise

Jun 11, 2012


Dont regret your yesterday; the time wont turn around for you, nor will it wait while you wallow in sadness and self-pity. Anger wont help; it will makes you hate, and hate in turn will makes you suffer. So keep your spirit aloof and let it helps you sail across life. It IS a rough sea but keep your faith. Well, a very calm sea with no wind wont get you nowhere. So, enjoy it while you are still on board. pfft ^o^

::Currently still engrossed in Tuesday With Morrie::

Jun 7, 2012

Ethically Importance

I received a text: "Pls receive call on your hp, when call. It is ethically importance"

So I called back.
Me : Mr X, I was praying when you called. I'm sorry.

Mr X: Saya tak kisah awak nak pergi mana, tapi kalau saya call, awak kena angkat.

Ethically importance? Really? First, wait, no, I'm not gonna bash on the grammar; I'm not good enough. Second, how important is he that the importance of praying dzuhr has gone second after taking his call? I called back anyway. And talking about ethically importance, what about calling and texting me at 5.30am, 7.30pm, 10pm, all those odd hour, workdays or not?? And I'm not paid OT. Grrr...

Jun 5, 2012

The Running Man

Thinner is not exactly my type of book though the issue makes a good reading; which is why I never really looking for any of the book written by Richard Bachman although I'm aware that Stephen King is one of those very famous author. However, after reading a summary of The Running Man, I definitely have to get a copy.

And also Amped by Daniel H. Wilson. Epipheo makes it sounds like a must-have for a sci-fi novel fan.