Jul 9, 2012

I Watched a K-Drama Yesterday

I found it unfair that when we watch movie / drama, we tend to only sympathize with the protagonist and hate the antagonist wholeheartedly. When I was little, I was told of fairytale full of pure princesses who are perfect to a fault being ill-treated by the blue blood evil stepmothers / witches who were evil because they are evil, self-serving bitches, no reason asked.

But we live and we learn. "In every evil man is a kindness that will be the undone of them." I'm quoting that of the quote quoted in a novel I just read (The Burning Soul by John Connoly). It does not written that way but it is somewhere along that line. I forgot who the author quote. And psychologically, nobody is born evil. It's a reaction to what life serve and show them. Of course, there are people who turns out okay regardless of the hellish childhood, but somewhere along their road, they might have some inspiration that turns them good or they are just those rare people with ultimate faith. "Man will become mean when they are threatened." Again, I cant recall who said it. I think it's the old, dying professor named Morrie in Tuesday With Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Coming back to the what I'm talking about before, the unfairness where blame is concerned touch a nerve. I have met people, kindhearted one who wouldn't hurt an ant, but sometimes, even when you have tried your best to make everyone happy, you just end up hurting them or some bystanders. Even when you decided you'll just be an observer or you just decided not to care anymore about anyone, someone will still get hurt. Some people just sail their way through and not think much of the collateral damage because if you think too much, you'll just end up being in a psychiatric ward; some people gave up trying to care for anyone and protect themselves and themselves only because (s)he has lost faith in others. Life is complicatedly simple and add that with human being being simply complicated, I found it unfair to just judge people from one point of view.

One might do something bad. (S)he might has been lost so long (s)he can't find the way back home. We might not be able to save him/her. But putting all the blame on that one person is a little bit too much for my taste. Life can be cruel, choices might become vague for fear of the consequences of our choices. We live a different path, we face different walls, we fall in different pits, we are forced to make a different choice, that sometime, we just got so lost.

I think I get too carried away. Aren't I? T'makan cili la tu..>.<''

Anyway, if watak utama is the bad people (turning good in the end of course but a bitch at the start nonetheless), audiences would sympathized with him/her and root for him/her all the way through and through. Must be because his every actions are 'explained' and his every emotions captured. Which is why, we just shouldn't judge people because we don't live in their shoes and we don't share their sinking boats.

I'll end that with a song from Linkin Park.

"When my time comes forget the wrong that I've done and don't resent me. I've taken my beating, I've shared what I've made. I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through. I've never been perfect but neither have you."

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